All Musicians & Song Writers with the Next "HIT SONG",  Welcome to  Upcoming Studio Inc. We would like to Thank You for Visiting Our Website. We are a multifaceted studio, with experience in all areas of the music industry.  The services that we offer are Voice Recording, Mix Downs, Produce Tracks, Editing, Mastering, and much more, But  our  specialty is  "Mastering".  Mastering is our Specialty because that's what we do the most of for our clients. Often the reason that client bring us projects done at another studio is because they weren't happy with the quality of their services. Some of the problems we encounter are as follows: musical instruments are off-beat, the timing in the song is wrong, mechanical noses (Pops and Clicks), vocals that aren't clear (Too High, Too Low, Too much Bass). With our expertise in this area we are able to polish up those mistakes to "Music Standards for our clients. To see that Smile on our clients faces in the end lets us know the job was well done, in knowing that track(s) just might  be the next "HIT SONG" makes us proud of our clients success. If you have any questions about the services we offer or our prices please Contact Us. Take a few more minutes to Browse through Our Website and Learn a little bit more  About Us.​​



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