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Upcoming Studio, Inc. is a place that now you can have your music mix & master from your place of business. Recording StudiosRadio StationsAudio Books, Audio Commercials. For faster service in projects that need to be send out right away. Upcoming Studio, Inc. can make that happen for your place of business.


Online Mix Down & Mastering is not something that you here all the time, but at Upcoming Studio, Inc. we make it easy so that you don't have to go out to find a recording studio to get service for a project that you need done when you can now... E-mail or Download your project to Upcoming Studio, Inc. without having to leave your Recording Studio or Place of Business.


There have been saying that you lose quality in sound when you upload or download music from the internet, that not true. The format Upcoming Studio, Inc. uses... that will not happen. You can e-mail us or download your project in mp3 or wave format, we will take care everything on this end. Reminder for just mastering only please send your song in a two track stereo wave or mp3 format meaning that you have mix down the song your self. Reminder for just mix down only you will need to send each instrument & each vocals in wave format so that we can mix everything down and please if you are using plug in make sure the effects of the plug in is still in the wave. Please use the e-mail that says mastering [at] upcomingstudio dot com to send your files. If there are any question or to learn more on how to pay for your project, please view pricing at  Download/Special page.

Leave the work up to us, Don't have the time or can't get it right send your project toUpcoming Studio, Inc.

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Mastering / Mixdowns

We at Upcoming Studio, Inc. work with a multifaceted group of clientele. We work with Record Labels, Other Studios, Private Artistes, Churches, Non-Profit Organizations and the Artistes that are trying to break into the music industry. Basically anyone that may need our help with Mixing & Mastering their projects. From the Top Record Labels, Recording Studios to the little guy....


Jordan~Jay / Bound By Blood Entertainment Independent
Open Doors / N*Soul Records, Inc.
Cemetery Blind Entertainment
Glendon Henningham . G-Money & Champ
Cuddy, Bonz, Digit / Wonderful Entertainment
Rebel / I. B. Music
Nastasity, Ak 47 Tone C, Rip-Van / Gotcha Records
Quinton Gaddy / Professor Exe / George Seals / Rash Island 
Neon Girls/Writter jop/producer pretty boy
Liven Legend / Jonie Star
Nubia Emmon / J-Dreamz, Saliz Williams / Carnival Beats
Ladi Luciano / Professor EXE / Ablaze Da Architek /Rash Island / Penjamin Franklin

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