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                        We at Upcoming Studio, Inc have a love for music, and we would like to make a difference in the life of an artist whose desire is to make an impact in the music industry. We here at Upcoming Studio, Inc will prepare the artist product material by the music standards, musical innovation, and musical creativity for product material with the artist desires in mind. Our mission at Upcoming Studio, Inc. is to give the artist the essential tools they need to make a quality product material that the music industry will notices.


                        Our Engineer at Upcoming Studio, Inc. has over 20+ year in the music industry. Our Engineer studied music theory for six years. He started out as a DJ for parties, wedding, dances, and etc. He moved on to work with Dade and Broward County (in Florida) doing community events. At these community activities he provided sound engineer plus was the DJ. He became a favorite of these communities and was requested constantly. He moved on to working with radio stations were he provided sound equipment and DJ for live broadcasting at community events around Florida, as well as other recording studios. At the recording studios he did some mastering on other up coming artistes. Our CEO has a belief that it takes a talented-trained ear, a love of music, and skillful knowledge of music industry to deliver the artiest a quality product, at music standards.


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